About Music Playhouse

What is it?

  • Research based/developmentally appropriate music class with a keyboard emphasis
  • The curriculum strongly emphasizes and facilitates adult involvement
  • Classes are 50 minutes once a week for 34 weeks
  • Degreed, intensively trained teachers provide a musically rich, non-performance oriented environment
  • Group instruction in piano includes theory, chording, singing, rhythm, composing, and ear training

Why are parents asked to be present?

  • If you understand about your child ‘s musical development, how and why we teach the class, and how you can support your child in the process, you will be able to fulfill your most important role as mode and teacher
  • Music Playhouse believes and promotes the making of “community music”, “family music”, active music makers, not passive music listeners
  • You are going to learn so much about your child’s musical development and how to best foster it.

Begin your music adventure!

The sooner children are introduced to music, the sooner their appreciation of the fine arts can impact and enrich their lives. Click here to schedule a free trial class.

Our children need to dream, to imagine and most of all, create.

To fill their lives with the magic of creativity is one of the greatest gifts they can receive.

Establish self discipline through practice!

The discipline of forming good habits – the habit of regular practice, the habit of patiently improving a skill, and the satisfaction these both provide – will help your child lay the foundation for a successful, positive life.

Create self confidence!

Encouraging your child to participate in music sharing days and ensemble festivals at an early age will give him or her a head-start on developing an important and practical life skill.